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Hey Fish Nutz! Welcome to the Youtube Fishing Video section for Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Guide Network in Colorado. We hope to guide you to more and bigger fish with our fearless leader also know as Franken Fish. We try our best to catch big fish often, and give thanks to the fish gods that help us enjoy the experience. We have recorded some awesome fishing videos of big Pike, perch and trout. We also record some unrelated clowning around which goes with sitting on the ice for too long. Wego typically ice fishing in Western Colorado for jalopy perch and big trout on most fishing Trips. On many trips to our favorite lakes the pike show up for a look and some lucky anglers hook up!
Youtube is how we publish all our fishing videos and pictures of our Colorado fishing experiences. Blue Mesa Ice is a great source of information on how to learn to Catch Fish with or without a guide. When you're done watching, read our pages to learn more about Ice Fishing. Enjoy and look up our chanel name on Youtube at Blue Mesa Fishing! Thank you and enjoy!

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The Captain

36" Pike in Colorado!

Slob Pike caught Ice fishing in Colorado with guide service. Owwwww!

Another reason to ice fish Harvey Gap State Park in Colorado because the weather is great, the pike are big and the perch are plentiful

Perch fishing on Harvey Gap State Park in Colorado

Big Colorado Pike Jumping out of the ice fishing hole!

Another day perch fishing in Colorado through the ice!

Rainbow Trout fishing in Colorado on the ice!

Ice Fishing Deep Lake in Colorado on the flat Tops for Lake Trout

Ice fishing for bass with Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Guide

Ice Fishing a snowmobile out of Lake in Minnesota

Ice Fishing Video for Kokanee

There are always more Youtube Fishing Videos Coming with Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Guide Service so stayed tuned!

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